attend2 Ltd

Attend 2 Ltd is a group of companies that offer a diverse number of services, we are as honest as possible in our approach and are always willing to give advice and support.

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Event IT and Offices

Event IT and Offices


Broadband without using phone lines

Get Broadband without using your phone line. We offer any speed you like with leased lines available at sensible prices

. Event Technical Solutions

Offering Bespoke software for conferences, Silent Auction Texting, on-site servers and long range (10Km+) wireless networks.

Webstreaming, Voting and Q&A

Eventcaster is our own webcasting software, designed for ease of use, and compatability.

IP Uplink
Multiclinic 3.0

Helping you get back to health

Based in Buntingford we offer a variety of therapy's to help most ailments

. IP Uplinks

Webstream and Access the internet from anywhere

Cross Platform clinic booking system

A full Clinic management system, with patient notes and a simple but powerful accounting package